6 Time Saving Small Business Website Tips

6 min readMar 12, 2024

With the emerging digital space, small businesses have taken the pace to stand shoulder to shoulder with their competitors. You know what? That is all possible because of the power of experience-led and consumer-engaging websites.

But building a new-gen website requires a lot of effort and knowledge. Failing to do so will knock you out of the race of the digital ecosystem. You need to consider many things, from website management to customer support handling. It will be best if the website is full of fun and can satisfy your customer. To make a website engaging and easy to use, you need to be careful at each step of website building.

So, how to build a powerful website for a small business in no time? Here are six time-saving small business website tips. Let’s have a look.

Work with Professional Developers

The digital space is continuously changing with new tools and updates, allowing businesses to build a dynamic website to showcase their services and products better. Hiring professional developers for your small business may cost you more, but they will help you drive long-term benefits.

These professionals have extensive knowledge of web development that can cater to your customers the way you want and your customers alike. Since the growing digital space and surge of a global pandemic make it necessary for every business to have an online presence to boost their business, the demand for professional developers is on the rise.

According to Statista, the number of digital interface designers and web developers in the United States in 2020 was around 178,900. And this number will further reach over 205,000 by 2030.

Hiring a web design company for your small business would be best. The web development companyhas a team of professional developers who can help you dethrone your competitors and get the king’s throne on SERPs (search engine result pages).

If you also have a small business in California and looking for professional developers, you should consider visiting a web design agency in California. An experienced and knowledgeable web design companyworks on the theory of Delegation. To save your time, money, and website management load, delegating tasks to an external web design agency Californiais an ideal choice.

An enterprisewebsite development company will help you manage themes, hosting, backups, security, speed testing, and plugins. This way, you can rest assured about your website performance and management.

Use Automation Tools

Today, we live in a world where innovative technologies have changed how we work. Thanks to automation tools which are renowned for their time-saving characteristics.

As per a study, 51% of businesses are currently using Marketing automation, and more than half of B2B companies are planning to adopt this technology.

A new-age web design company has already started implementing automation tools in their working pattern to enhance their productivity while saving a lot of time.

Automation tools allow you to focus on more essential tasks as it trims a lot of time that you might spend on your website management. Here are some of the benefits of using automation tools:

  • Monitoring analytics and metrics
  • Automating marketing efforts
  • Building marketing ideas
  • Removing repetitive website and marketing tasks
  • Creating ideas for content

Using automation tools will help you boost your business efficiency and productivity. Here are five automation tools practiced across the globe to save their precious time and keep their website search engine optimized.

  • URL parameters
  • Pages being crawled
  • Crawl type selection
  • Site map generation with keywords highlighted.

Apart from this, through SE ranking, you can check the history of the ranking over time, the total number of searches on a specific keyword at any time, and estimated monthly traffic on a keyword.

Work with an SEO Consultant

Getting a lot of traffic is still a nightmare for most small businesses because of poor visibility on SERPs. That is where SEO plays its role, but you need to go through many blogs and articles to know the basics of SEO, which is time-consuming.

Rather than spending your time reading blogs and articles, hire an SEO consultant or digital marketing agency. SEO service is very high in demand as 70% of marketers see SEO as more effective than PPC.

An SEO expert will do all the tasks on your behalf to focus on other essential tasks. They will create and execute search engine optimization strategies and always keep you updated.

Other than this, SEO experts will alert you to any changes in the traffic, ranking, and technical problems that can affect your website ranking and traffic and provide you with an SEO audit. This audit covers how your website performs and what changes are required to get the #1 ranking on SERPs.

Create and Stick to a Content Strategy

Content is the core of a website. If the core is powerful, a business can easily translate prospect customers into loyal customers. Professionals always recommend sticking with a content strategy to generate content that your customers care about. Creating content only for lead generation and sales will not help you get long-term benefits in the digital space.

If you provide your customers with delightful and digestible customers, they will not go further and consistently choose you. So, next time you write content, consider a creative and engaging content strategy. Sticking to a content strategy will save you a lot of time to gather multiple content formats and techniques.

Eliminate Potential UX Problems Before They Happen

A website that lacks simple, eye-catching, and enjoyable UX (User Experience) gets lower sales. Poor UX like confusing designing elements, slow page loading, and broken images can stop you climb the ladder of success.

A survey reveals that 88% of online shoppers wouldn’t return to a website with poor UX.

What’s more important is to track your customer journey through your website to know the UX problems. You can also hire an enterprise website development company to tackle this situation. Here are three things you can practice to enhance your UX:

  • Aesthetic web designing
  • Updating existing content
  • Improving loading speed

Use chatbots

Dealing with lots of customer queries is a hectic task. But there is a solution to this problem by integrating chatbots. It allows you to automate your response, saving time while answering your customer’s query.

As per a study, 67% of global consumers had communicated over the last 12 months with the help of chatbots.

Using chatbots will help you better engage with your customers without waiting on hold. Hence, this will improve your overall customer experience and help you get helpful feedback.


Having a great website is a necessity these days. Creating a website that can enhance customer experience, save website management costs and time will help you get the gem of digital space. But for this, you need the help of an experienced and professional web development company. If you are also looking for a web development agency in California, Exemplifi is an ideal choice. We have years of excellence in this field and offer various services that can uplift your business and always keep your website according to the latest standards to rank high on the SERPs.

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